Sales of preformed expansion joint fillers (OFF-CON, EXPANTAY) as well as anti-disaster aluminum die cast roof tiles.




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Five sales mottoes

Taisei’s five sales mottoes provide our customers with greater “satisfaction”

  • [1] Free-call inquiries

    All across Japan, inquiries can be made free of charge. Cell-phone calls are also acceptable.Faxes are also free of charge.

  • [2] Nationwide free distribution

    We provide nationwide free distribution service of our products even in minimum units (one roll or one can) of each product.

    * Except for some products.

  • [3] Available on weekdays + Saturdays

    We are always open and ship on weekdays and Saturdays for our customers’ convenience.

  • [4] Easy order system by fax, e-mail, and telephone

    Orders can be easily placed through a dedicated fax line on a 24-hour basis.
    * Except for some products.

  • [5] TAISEI Point Bank

    One point is accumulated for every 1,000 yen, and all products are exchangeable with stored points!

Now, shortening of work periods and cost reduction are issues to be addressed at every site. For these critical missions, TAISEI tackles daily operations with “thorough teamwork” and “professional awareness” under the above-mentioned five sales mottoes.

Our business is to provide our customers with high value products. It is easy to say, but for each customer’s satisfaction, we think it is necessary to deliver high-quality products more speedily while meeting diverse requests and provide maximum service accordingly.

There is a belief that only this product and service can work because it is TAISEI, having earned 42 years of trust under the philosophy that “we should be a company that continues to contribute to society on a customer-first basis.” Toward further service improvements, we, TAISEI, will continue to challenge ourselves.

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