Sales of preformed expansion joint fillers (OFF-CON, EXPANTAY) as well as anti-disaster aluminum die cast roof tiles.




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TAISEI’s environmental management

  • ISO14001-accreditated

    ISO14001 is an international standard that requires the establishment of an environmental management system. To keep pace with the times, it is required to establish a system to continually improve environmental impact arising in corporate activities. Also, each company has been called upon to operate their respective environmental policy in a PDCA cycle.
    Considering corporate social responsibility and the serious circumstances underlying environmental issues, TAISEI has obtained ISO14001 accreditation. In addition to the previous voluntary environmental measures, we will work toward reducing environmental loads maintaining an environmentally friendly awareness in all activities associated with the production and distribution of products by operating our environmental management system.

  • Comprehensive policy

    Upon receiving ISO certification, TAISEI set out a comprehensive policy for quality management as shown at the right. All staff will address environmental issues based on the action policy of the entire group.