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Social responsibility

We are carrying out various activities to contribute to society as our social responsibility for the global environment and society as a company and as human beings.

  • Ta Phraya District School Water Supply Support Project in Thailand

    Project area
    Ta Phraya District, Sakeo, Thailand
    Project period
    Approx. 7 months from March 2015(currently ongoing)





    The project area is an inland area, southeast of the capital Bangkok, partly bordering on Cambodia. The area suffers from chronic water shortages because of small amounts of rainfall. Under this project, wells, lifting pumps, tanks, water filters and water storage tanks will be installed to provide safe drinking water for a total of 1,869 students who study at three elementary schools in the community. Public awareness activities will be conducted for not only students attending the schools but also their parents and community people about drinking safe water and sanitary use of water, aiming to reduce infection rates, etc.

  • Kachuya Mirzapur Secondary School Construction Support Project in Bangladesh

    Project area
    Rangpur Division Dinajpur District Jotbani Union Kachuya Mirzapur village
    Project period
    6 months from April 2014




    In the project area approximately 300 km from the capital Dhaka, most people are poverty-stricken, making a living by working as agricultural day workers. Regarding education, the low secondary school enrollment rate and high dropout rate were problems. This school had 175 students, but since it was impossible for all the students to study in the school building with only three classrooms, the school was taking measures such as reducing the number of lessons for each grade. In addition, the education environment was not suitable; since the roof was made of galvanized iron sheets, voices of teachers could not be heard due to the sounds of rain when it rained. The attendance rate was only 60% and one in every four students dropped out. Under this support project, a new school building with four classroom was completed, and restrooms, a well and classroom equipment were installed, changing the school into one which children want to attend.

    Joyful comment

    I am very happy. I want to thank our Japanese “friends” who supported us. Previously there was not enough space at school and sometimes lessons were not given. Some of my friends did not want to go to school. But now the school has enough space and it is a very comfortable place. I think this will help us produce good academic results. Thank you very much.
    (Shamina Nasrin – student)

  • Water Supply System Improvement Support Project in Sri Lanka

    Project area
    Kandy District Ganga Ihara Korale Divisional Secretariat Division, Sri Lanka
    Project period
    February 2013 to November 2013















    TAISEI provided support in improving the water supply system in one of the poorest areas in Sri Lanka. In this area, only 9% of households had access to safe drinking water, and the majority of local people used water from wells or spring water for which quality was not controlled, which caused problems such as waterborne diseases. The work of collecting water from a distant water source was a heavy burden for women, elderly people and children. Installation of a water supply system has enabled children and adults living in the community to access safe water. Public awareness activities for leading a healthy life such as drinking water after boiling conducted at the same time have also improved significantly the life of local children.

    Joyful comment

    I used to collect water from a water source at my mother’s request. Now I can spend more time to play with my friends. (Maheswaran – boy from the community)
    (Maheswaran – boy from the community)

  • Uttarakhanda Primary School Construction Support Project in Bangladesh

    Project Area
    Uttarakhanda, Balia, Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    Project period
    December 2011 to end of May 2012









    In the project area 150 km north of the capital Dhaka, many people are forced to live below the poverty line, where only 35% of the population is literate. This primary school building was deteriorating due to age and because of significant water leakage from the roof, the ceiling was in danger of collapsing. In addition, since there were only three classrooms for 252 students, two lessons used to be given at the same time in the same classroom, or lessons used to be given in two shifts.
    Under this support project, a new school building with five classrooms was completed, enabling each grade to use one classroom. Creation of a learning environment where students can concentrate on studies the attendance rate has also increased.

    Joyful comment

    We thank all the staff of TAISEI for giving Uttarakhanda Primary School this opportunity. Since the completion of the new school building, the enrollment rate and attendance rate have increased. The primary school steering committee and PTA are also more active in improving the quality of education for children. I will continue calling on parents of the children in the region to send them to the school. Best wishes to you all.
    (Rafiqul Islam – representative of the region)

  • Support on the occasion of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

    We provided support to the extent possible assisting the victims of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami and participate in the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken region.First, through World Vision, we donated 1,000,000 yen in March 2011. After that, between March 12 and December 31, 2011, we donated 10 yen per shipped product to our customers. We would like to report that we have made a monetary donation of 721,770 yen to the victims.We have made a total monetary donation of 1,721,770 yen.

    We look to assist the disaster-stricken region in further recovery efforts.

  • A part of the proceeds from purchases of TAISEI products saves children’s lives.

    TAISEI provides support for 13 children suffering from poverty and ravages of war for various forms and makes continual donations until each child becomes independent. We aim at establishing a “safe society dreaming of the future” for children together with NGO “World Vision Japan.”
    Detailed information about “World Vision Japan” is given here.

  • Saving paper results in reducing waste and power!

    Saving paper results in reducing waste and power!
    Aiming at reducing waste and power, TAISEI works toward paperless operations and recycles milk cartons, etc. Six milk cartons made of quality pulp can be recycled into one roll of toilet paper. These are precious resources that can also be recycled into various other products, such as paper towels and paper fans. TAISEI promotes recycling aiming at 100 milk cartons a month.

    Detailed information about recycling of milk cartons is given here.