Sales of preformed expansion joint fillers (OFF-CON, EXPANTAY) as well as anti-disaster aluminum die cast roof tiles.




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TAISEI’s challenges

It is our aim to continually position ourselves as a leading manufacturer of building materials under the belief that “we should be a company that contributes to society as part of our social responsibility on a customer-first basis” over the next 40 years. We will continue to seek out new challenges in the services we provide, the businesses we develop, and activities we contribute to, which can be offered only by TAISEI to “customers,” “society and the environment,” and “partners.” Some examples are introduced here.

  • Five sales mottoes

    We will persevere in shortening work periods, which can be said to be an absolute must at every business site, in the form of delivering our products. While responding to diversified and specialized orders, we will provide maximum service at ever greater speed.

  • TAISEI’s quality management [ ISO9001-accredited ]

    TAISEI obtained international standard “ISO9001” accreditation with a “quality policy” set out to respond to the needs of our customers, society, and the times, making it as a goal to be achieved for business development. Our quality management has been established and implemented in the fields of technology, development and marketing.

  • TAISEI’s environmental management [ ISO14001-accredited ]

    TAISEI obtained international standard “ISO14001” accreditation by setting out internal and external environmental management criteria in response to the changing demands from society and the times and to carry out activities with these as objectives. Our environmental management is implemented by setting objectives as a company and for individuals internally and externally.

  • Welfare programs

    TAISEI offers unique welfare programs in which all staff are covered by life insurance against unexpected injury and sudden illness. In addition, all staff are given access to several members-only resorts free of charge all across Japan.

  • Social responsibility

    We are carrying out various activities to contribute to society as our social responsibility for the global environment and society as a company and as human beings.

  • Efforts for customers

    • TAISEI Point Bank

      “TAISEI Point Bank” is the industry’s first service for which you can earn points every time you place an order for our products just like credit cards and frequent flyer programs.

      With a simple membership application, points are accumulated automatically.
      All product are included in “TAISEI Point Bank.” Point accumulation starts with a single screw or a single cap.
      All products are exchangeable with stored points!

      * One point is accumulated for every 1,000 yen, and stored points can be exchanged for our products as every 500 points are worth 5,000 yen.
      For example, if the monthly purchase is 500,000 yen, 5,000 yen worth of points are accumulated every month.