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Welfare programs

TAISEI offers unique welfare programs in which all staff are covered by life insurance against unexpected injury and sudden illness. In addition, all staff are given access to several members-only resorts free of charge all across Japan.

  • Medical insurance

    No expenses are charged to employees! Employees can directly receive compensation benefits for injury, hospitalization, surgery, etc., without paying insurance premiums.

    All working people worry about unexpected injury and hospitalization. As a matter of course, they are worried about their health, while medical expenses for hospitalization or surgery in the case of prolonged absence from the company are a drain on the pocketbook or wallet. TAISEI employees are covered by extensive medical insurance “ordinary insurance DiaCare 80”/span> for employees’ health and peace of mind. There is no need to worry about unexpected accidents or illnesses.


    As a combined total of hospitalization and surgery, up to 800,000 yen is paid a year.

  • Life insurance


    All employees are covered by Daido Life Insurance Company, with all insurance premiums paid for by the company. Death benefits amount to 5 million yen.

  • Employee asset savings plan

    Advantages[1] The company adds to part of the contribution.(Profits guaranteed.)
[2] Prepare for unexpected accidents with compensation.(Compensation for death and life-altering injuries ? equivalent to 5 times the cumulative amount of insurance premiums paid)

    Taisei helps employees realize an affluent life plan, assisting with the purchase of a home, education expenses, retirement funds and other lifetime goals. This is a savings plan that deducts a fixed amount from an employee’s monthly salary and bonuses in cooperation with a financial institution so that each employee can live with peace of mind.
    A maximum contribution of 10% by each employee is matched by the company.


    The contribution is set to a monthly amount from 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen in ten thousand yen increments.

    The contribution can be changed to a maximum of 50,000 yen per month when a bonus is paid (July or December).


    * Example

    Contribution amount Added by the company. Total amount of contribution
    10,000 yen 1,000 yen 11,000 yen
    20,000 yen 2,000 yen 22,000 yen
    30,000 yen 3,000 yen 33,000 yen

    The contract duration is set to be 3 years or longer. Cancellation can be made within a period of less than 3 years, for example, upon retirement.
    (The contribution can be changed at any time, provided the amount is within the predetermined range.)

    Cancellation can be made at any time upon retirement or when cancellation is desired.

    Taxes (income tax and local tax) will be levied on profit to be received upon expiration or cancellation at 20.315%.

  • Private defined contribution pension plan (401K)

    Advantages[1] An amount equivalent to the contribution is added by the company.[2] Since the amount of the contribution is deducted from taxable income, income tax payment is reduced.[3] Select from a variety of investment products.  (Investment products may be changed at any time.)

    This is a plan that helps all employees save for an affluent retirement. A fixed amount of money from each employee’s monthly salary is saved. This amount is managed and payouts can be received in various ways from the age of 60.
    The company will match the amount contributed by the employee.


    Contributions are set from 5,000 yen to a maximum of 23,000 yen on a monthly basis in thousand yen increments.
    (The set contribution may be changed.)


    * Example

    Contribution amount Added by the company. Total contribution amount
    2,500 yen 2,500 yen 5,000 yen
    11,500 yen 11,500 yen 23,000 yen

    In principle, early withdrawal or partial withdrawal from the plan before the age of 60 is prohibited. (Withdrawal from the plan is allowed only when specific plan requirements are met.)

    Investment products are to be managed at one’s own responsibility. The possibility exists that the total amount received in the future will be lower than the amount contributed, depending on performance results. (while the investment products are being managed , a 491 yen/month service charge will be applied)

    Upon resignation, while it is not possible to contribute money if your new place of employment does not offer a corporate defined contribution pension plan, it is possible to continue to manage the existing investment products. (A monthly service charge will be applied).

  • Elavel (selectable) Club

    • Elavel (selectable) Club

      Freely selectable
      at various scenes

      “Elavel Club” is comprised of members-only welfare services provided by JTB BENEFIT. An extensive line-up of advantageous services that can be used at livelihood-based scenes include support for various trips from free-swinging solo trips to family trips with 5,000 yen in assistance for domestic lodgments/tours. Advantageous, simple, and convenient menu items support the happy lives of all workers and their families.

      Various menu items to support daily life
      health, sporting club, relaxation, baby/child-rearing, children’s education, nursing care/welfare, upskilling, culture, asset building/corporate afterlife, volunteering, convenient support for life, housing/moving, pets, shopping, gourmet, entertainment, congratulatory gift payment service, etc.
      Various menu items to support relaxation and refreshment
      domestic travel, overseas travel, theme park, rental car, parking lot, leisure facilities, day trip bath, sports (golf, tennis/futsal, horseback riding, …), etc.
      • Lodgments/tours
      • By this service, assistance (5,000 yen per night) for domestic lodgments/tours is subtracted from tour costs.

      • JTB domestic tours (ACE JTB, etc.)
      • Lodgment plans exclusive to members
      • Rurubu travel
      • LOOK JTB/bargain-priced tours
      • Popular theme parks
      • By this service, you can enjoy popular theme parks in Tokyo and Osaka at bargain prices.

      • Tokyo Disney Resort
      • KidZania Tokyo/Koshien
      • Universal Studios Japan
      • Congratulatory gift payments/convenient services
      • Various events and celebratory occasions are additionally augmented by convenient services.

      • Congratulatory gift payment for wedding
      • Congratulatory gift payment for birth
      • Congratulatory gift payment for admission to elementary/junior high/high school
      • Congratulatory gift payment for coming of age
      • Congratulatory gift payment for qualification acquisition
      • Rental car services * NIPPON Rent-A-Car/Orix Rent-A-Car

      There are also many other services. For details, see the website exclusive to members.

    • Gym/fitness


      Compensate for a lack of exercise in the gym established in parallel with the office!

      Fully equipped with a gym/fitness training center to compensate for lack of exercise and as a stress release, including full-fledged equipment from stretching machines and muscle training instruments through to punching bags. Work out casually for refreshment and strengthening. Relieve fatigue from work or training in a massage chair.