Sales of preformed expansion joint fillers (OFF-CON, EXPANTAY) as well as anti-disaster aluminum die cast roof tiles.




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1973 Aug. Founder Kokichi Tateno started independent business in Nakano-ku.
Dec. Incorporated Fuji Leveler Chuo Hanbai KK (present Taisei Inc.) with 3,000,000 yen in capital.
1974 Jul. Changed company name to Taisei Shoko Co., Ltd.
1975 Apr. Newly established and relocated to Iidabashi sales office in Chiyoda-ku.
Oct. Newly established Tokorozawa Plant (building 330m2) in Tokorozawa-shi and started production of preformed expansion joint fillers.
1976 Aug. Newly established and relocated to Kudan sales office from Iidabashi sales office.
Nov. Relocated head office from Nakano-ku to Kudan, Chiyoda-ku.
1980 Apr. Released aluminum building materials.
1984 Jun. Started production and distribution of PVC waterproof sheets (VINYGUARD ROOF).
1985 Mar. Acquired land (317m2) for warehouse No. 1 in Kawaguchi-shi.
Nov. Newly constructed warehouse No. 1 (357m2) in Kawaguchi-shi.
1987 Jan. Started production and distribution of rubber waterproof sheets (TEP sheet).
Feb. Acquired land (689m2) for VINYGUARD ROOF warehouse in Kawaguchi-shi.
1988 Jun. 100,000,000 yen convertible bonds issued by Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
1989 Jan. Released waterproof urethane coating material (SARAMENTO coat).
Acquired land (1,530m2) for warehouse No. 3 in Koshigaya-shi.
Mar. Released top coat for waterproof sheets (TAITOP).
Jun. Newly constructed Koshigaya warehouse No. 3 (453m2) (first-term construction).
1990 Mar. Newly constructed employees’ club in Kawaguchi-shi
(three-story building (294m2) (1F 108m2, 2F 101m2, 3F 85m2).
Jul. Acquired land (758m2) for warehouse No. 4 in Kawaguchi-shi.
Oct. Newly constructed warehouse No. 4 (450m2).
1991 Apr. Started production and distribution of modified asphalt (Italian torch).
Aug. Made additions to Koshigaya warehouse No.3 (453㎡) (second-term construction)
1992 Jun. Acquired land (407m2) for warehouse No. 5 in Kawaguchi-shi.
1993 Oct. Released VINYGUARD ROOF [PVC sheet insulation system].
Oct. Newly constructed full two-story components plant on site of Kawaguchi warehouse No. 6, and started production of components.
1994 Sep. Released earthquake-resistant joint filler (MEJITTO).
1997 Jan. Acquired land (674m2) for EXPANTAY Plant in Kawaguchi-shi.
Jun. Newly constructed EXPANTAY plant
(two-story plant (722m2) and two-story office (170m2)) in Kawaguchi-shi.
1998 Dec. Completed remodeling of head office building.
1999 Sep. Increased capital to 93,200,000 yen by merging with Tateno Shoji Limited.
2000 Jun. Completed refurbishment of head office building (second-term construction).
Jul. Issued 200,000,000 yen private placement bonds.
2001 Mar. Acquired land (1,354m2) and building (888m2) for new EXPANTAY plant in Kawaguchi-shi.
Started distribution of aluminum roof tiles (aluminum die cast roof).
Sep. Acquired membership in XIV Tateshina.
Dec. Made additions and improvements to new plant (building 1,682m2), where three factories were integrated completely.
2002 Oct. Inaugurated Kokichi Tateno as chairman of the board of directors.
Inaugurated Seiji Tateno as representative & president.
Dec. Implemented 30th anniversary campaign.
2003 Oct. Received ISO9001 2000 certification.
2004 Oct. Relocated aluminum plant to Kawaguchi-shi.
Kokichi Tateno retired as chairman of the board of directors.
Dec. Introduced Taisei Point Bank System.
2005 May. Started operation of Osaka Distribution Center.
Sep. Introduced in-house network mission-critical system.
2006 Mar. Released Free OFF-CON.
Jul. Super Aguri F1 Team Official Sponsor (2006 season)
2007 Mar. Relocated head office to Shinjuku.
Became member of membership-based medical checkup system “Grand HIMEDIC Club.”
Oct. Released gutter kit.
2008 May. Became member of Team Minus 6%.
Dec. OFF-CON 99 evaluated and qualified by Public Buildings Association, Ltd.
2009 Jan. Received ISO14001 2004 certification.
Feb. Acquired membership in XIV Yamanakako.
Feb. Started supporting deprived children around the world through specified nonprofit corporation “World Vision Japan.”
Sep. Changed company name from Taisei Shoko Co., Ltd. to Taisei Inc.
2010 Aug. Relocated head office (Nomura Real Estate Nishi-Shinjuku Building).
Aug. Introduced glass-fiber-capable extruder.
Oct. Started distribution of TJ type (glass fiber-containing joint fillers)
2011 Jan. Released stainless band.
Feb. Introduced upskilling program by former JAL CA.
Sep. Released TZ type (glass fiber-containing joint fillers)
Nov. Newly released Seafar S6 (metal roof tile).
2012 Feb. Introduced SMILE (Otsuka Corporation) mission-critical system.
Aug. Newly released dry sealing strip (waterproof material for house-eaves)
Oct. Donated elementary school and well in Bangladesh.
2013 Feb. Installed new extrusion line.
Aug. Newly installed automatic EXPANTAY assembling machine.
Nov. Started operation of Saitama plant.
Nov. Donated water supply facilities in Sri Lanka.
2014 May. Released metal joint treatment material for refurbishment (MEJIFIT).
Aug. Installed new dry sealing strip line.
Sep. Released universal waterproof sheet (Fast Flash).
Sep. Donated girls’ junior high school in Bangladesh.