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Polymer-cement-based coating film waterproofing

Coating film waterproofing is a construction method by which a film is formed by spreading liquid polyurethane rubber, acrylic rubber, FPR, etc., with a brush, spray gun, or the like.

It has the advantage of being adaptable to complicated shapes, including projections and depressions in the range of construction. Also, as being seamless and beautiful in appearance, it can be widely used on floors, wooden verandas, etc. Furthermore, excellent durability and simple touchups are greatly appealing. Waterproofing properties can be held for 15 years by simply repainting the film of the uppermost layer once every 5 to 6 years.

  • Polymer-cement-based coating film waterproofing materials


    Seamless, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly paint excellent in durability

    This product can be used on not only for irregularities but also other complicated shapes in a seamless manner. It can be widely used on floors, verandas, etc., and is excellent in durability. Simple touchups are also an appeal.