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Product information

Fast Flash

Product information

Fast Flash

Suitable for flashing and waterproofing anywhere! Simple construction by cutting and affixing with excellent elongation and flexibility!

Japan’s first new product! This product is resistant to ultraviolet rays and does not crack even under harsh temperature conditions from -40°C to 90°C through the complete adoption of Japan’s first butyl adhesive material and EPDM. Also, an ideal product for a variety of shapes including corrugated sheets due to its flexibility, being used by an increasing number of loyal customers as the all-purpose waterproof repair sheet!


///Points of Fast Flash///

  • 1. Complete adoption of butyl adhesive material and EPDM [Japan’s first]
  • 2. Tight fit ensured by freely following even corrugated sheet shapes due to excellent elongation of maximum 60% and flexibility
  • 3. Simple construction by cutting and affixing, not requiring special tools
  • 4. Various applications with ingenuity as a universal waterproof/repair sheet that can also be used in remodeling


Product specifications
Width 280mm 140mm
Length 5m/2.5m/1m/20cm 5m/1m
Thickness Approx. 2.3mm
Color Black/Gray/Brick red Black/Gray

* Varies depending on environment.

Technical specifications
Temperature stability -40℃ – 90℃
weathering UV resistance, ozone resistance

– Applicable base materials: Metal, glass, concrete, polycarbonate, wood (polished) etc.

– Painting to EPDM is impossible.