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Product information

Stainless steel angles

Realizing higher weather resistance and corrosion resistance!

Stainless steel waterproof layer terminal pressing hardware, firmly holding and fixing waterproof layers, realizes higher weather resistance and corrosion resistance, while being excellent in workability.

///Points of stainless angles///

  • 1. Perfect flashing; For imperfect sealing performance, compensation cap covers three-times to four-times for extra protection.
  • 2. Outstanding durability; Alumite-finished aluminum alloy
  • 3. Excellent workability; One-touch cap installation to angle body
  • 4. Wide-ranging versatility; Compatible with PVC sheet, rubber sheet, coating film, cold asphalt waterproofing
  • 5. Beautiful finish; Keeps rooftops clean with an excellent waterproofing mechanism and beautiful finish


  • Stainless steel angles TSA-40

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    Thickness: 0.8 Spec: 10×40×2,000

  • Stainless steel angles TSA-30

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    Thickness: 0.8 Spec: 10×30×2,000

  • Stainless steel angles TSF-30

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    Thickness: 0.8 Spec: 30×2,000