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Product information

Leister starter kit

A hot-air welder that is a global brand comes in TAISEI’s original kit.

“Leister,” a hot-air welder that is a global brand comes in a five-piece set as a handy tool for waterproof sheet construction!
This includes everything you need. Welding operation can be easily performed since a stable outlet temperature can be obtained even though it is compact and lightweight.

///Points of Leister///

  • 1. More powerful
    with maximum output increased to 1,500W
  • 2. More slender
    with a firm grip of Φ56mm
  • 3. More lightweight
    at 1kg keeping an optimum weight balance
  • 4. More comfortable
    with a perfect grip made of two materials
  • 5. More convenient
    since the air filter is easily removable and cleaning is also easy.


  • Leister starter kit

    • TRIAC ST

    • Silicone pressure roller 40mm

    • Stitcher roller

    • 20mm flat nozzle

    • Storage box