Sales of preformed expansion joint fillers (OFF-CON, EXPANTAY) as well as anti-disaster aluminum die cast roof tiles.




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Preformed expansion joint fillers

The 5-stage EXPANTAY, an ideal combination of five materials is an epoch-making masterpiece of preformed expansion joint filler, that surpasses conventional elastite joint fillers. This construction method now attracts attention as a method that is bringing a whole new perspective to the building industry.
Cut samples are available.

  • Dry type

    OFF-CON 99

    Highly reliable quality, full-flat body

    The full-flat shape improves workability significantly. In the case of external heat insulation, the joint filler can be fixed to the heat-insulating material smoothly.

    Free OFF-CON

    Leveling can be easily adjusted by simply floating the main body!

    Simple construction just by placing, requiring no mortar, and shortens work periods considerably. It is excellent in weather resistance, waterproofing property, and chemical resistance.

  • Wet type


    Finish, working efficiency, and cost performance!

    It is the masterpiece of preformed expansion joint fillers with the advantages of six materials ideally combined, that surpasses conventional joint fillers.

  • Rise buffers

    Corner buffers, POLYCANT, etc.

    For preventing damage at the rises of waterproof layers!

    These breakage prevention buffers are effective in preventing breakage at the rises of waterproof layers!

  • Other

    Gutter kit

    Installation of gutters is this simple!

    With this kit, troublesome installation of gutters can be quickly and easily completed. They can be simply fixed with the accessories alone.

  • Record of performance

    Here you can see our EXPANTAY record of performance, which can be found in government and other public office buildings.

  • Precautions for construction

    Illustrated descriptions of precautions for construction are presented for easy understanding.

  • Standards

    Standards for EXPANTAY according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and Public Buildings Association.