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Product information

Stainless steel bands

Totally rustproof universal bands!

An extensive lineup of stainless steel bands responds to various applications. Since they are rustproof and can be used in a wider variety of situations, these universal bands are well-known for their high cost performance. Holes in the gearing section are all through type, so that adjustments can be made freely, saving time and effort.

///Points of stainless steel bands///

  • 1. All through-hole type gearing section
  • 2. Free-stop adjustments
  • 3. Excellent cost performance
  • 4. Totally rustproof
  • 5. Extensive lineup


Product name Width
15m roll (including 25 fastening hardwares) 12.7mm
30m roll (Fastening hardware is not included.) 12.7mm
Fastening hardware (50 items per single case)
Applicable diameter Width
40mm-60mm 12.7mm
60mm-80mm 12.7mm
70mm-90mm 12.7mm
90mm-110mm 12.7mm
100mm-140mm 12.7mm
140mm-160mm 12.7mm
150mm-180mm 12.7mm

Note) For quantities under 10, the freight rate is fixed at 1,000 yen.